Luggage Tag-Bisque


  • Level8 Luggage Tag Made from Microfiber Leather and Zinc Alloy.
  • Extended Leather Strap: The buckle is made of 304 stainless steel and extremely durable. The length of the strap has been extended to make it easier to attach the tags to items.
  • Privacy Flap: To protect your personal information: you can open the flap slightly to look into and make sure this is your stuff, while most of the time your privacy remains safe and sound from other travelers.
  • An adjustable and easy-to-use luggage tag buckle keeps your luggage tag securely attached to your luggage, carry-on, backpack, or duffle bag.
    • Weight: 0.040KG
    • Over Dimension: 55*96mm
    • Material: Microfiber leather + Zinc alloy