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To Our Community

To Our Community

Dear Customers and Community,

Currently, fighting COVID-19 is our common goal, which reminds us how interconnected we truly are, how small our world is, and how much we have in common even when we’re countries apart. We do hope you and your loved ones are safe and in good condition.

Although we are social beings that enjoy getting in touch with each other, it is very important that we do our part in containing the virus. The health and safety of everyone rely on the responsibility of each person to follow our health advisors’ (WHO and CDC etc.) suggestion that we keep social distancing and wash our hands frequently. We intend to make sure that we're doing all we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Starting Monday, March 23, all LEVEL8 staff will be working from home, with full pay. Our online store will remain open as usual, and our community will be here to assist you via email and social platform. At the same time, we will avoid close contact at our factories as well as with our logistics partners to ensure their security while serving you. As the situation continues to change, we'll continue to review it regularly and keep you updated.

Travel is a way that we connect with the world and have fun. We can take this chance to recall those good travel memories and start dreaming of future adventures once the threat of the virus passes. We believe that compassion, kindness, and empathy toward one another are qualities we need during this time, although we are apart. Let’s do our best and overcome this pandemic together.


Yours sincerely,