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Summer Travel in 2020 Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Summer Travel in 2020 Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Summer is usually a time for people to pack up and take a vacation. However, with the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this summer could not be any more different. Countries around the world have closed their borders foreign and non-essential travelers, making an international holiday virtually impossible. Instead, individuals and families are traveling within their own country, state, and city.

Where Can I Travel?

If you are hoping to travel this summer, it is essential to check out any regulations imposed by your destination. In some places, like Canada, for instance, the borders are closed to any non-residents. This is especially true in the United States, where only essential travelers from Canada and Mexico are allowed in. Unfortunately, this has the potential to make traveling this summer very limited. Luckily, with some careful planning, it is possible to enjoy a safe and pleasurable getaway. 

For starters, consider traveling within your state. Often when people think about travel, they overlook what they can do close by. Many states have enticing attractions that are within driving distance or are just a short plane ride away. Secondly, travel for US citizens within the US is mostly allowed. This summer may be a great time to explore your own country or visit one of the places on your bucket list. The safest destinations are usually outdoors, where you can keep a safe distance from others. 

Here are a suggestion of places and activities you may want to check out: 

  • Tour of Yellowstone Park
  • Sequoia National Park in California
  • Tour the caves on the Colorado River
  • Bar Harbour in Maine
  • Mount Rainier in Washington 

All of these places have reopened, with physical distancing and other safety protocols in place. Just make sure to revisit their websites for their most recent updates.


How Do I Travel?

Your traveling is going to be a little bit different this summer. It requires more research and more careful planning. While most of the states are open, some do have travel restrictions in place. For example, travelers visiting Alaska must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test. If you do not have a COVID-19 test, you can pay for one upon arrival but must then quarantine until you receive the results. Also, some states require you to self-isolate upon returning home from your vacation. Before traveling, do research first. This way, you know what you are getting into.

Here are a few more tips for travel this summer: 

  • Pack several masks in case you lose one or one gets dirty
  • Pack hand sanitizer or wipes
  • Travel with only carry-on luggage to make your trip through the airport faster
  • If driving, plan your rest stops ahead of time to make sure bathrooms are accessible
  • Be open to making last-minute changes as the restrictions change

Final Remarks 

Everyone is finding it difficult to live under such tight regulations. Thankfully, it is possible to do some traveling while closely following the safety rules and protocols. Don't let the travel bug leave you un-bitten this summer, simply do your research and plan ahead so that you can still get the most out of your summer holiday.  

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