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Pick the Carry on Luggage with Laptop Compartment for Office Trips

Pick the Carry on Luggage with Laptop Compartment for Office Trips

Are you having a tough time deciding the perfect luggage for your next office tour? It happens with everyone! Why? Because office trips are not like any other tour where you only need to stress about the clothes and accessories. Here, you have to carefully select the items to ensure that there is space for keeping the laptop and other documents. Worry not, as now you have a fitting solution! Read along to find out more. 

Design that makes a mark

A rolling suitcase with an additional space compartment for a laptop. Sounds awesome right? With Level8cases, you get carry on luggage with laptop compartment that conveniently solves all your traveling worries while going for a business trip. You no longer need to wrap the laptop with soft fabric and carry it along with the clothes. The 20” luggage with a light hard-shell exterior, made of aerospace-grade Bayer Makrolon, offers the best solution in designing user-friendly luggage with high utility. 

Perfect size and dimension

A 38 liters luggage weighing only 8.9 lbs. is every traveler’s dream come true! The water and damage-resistant luggage have a high-volume cavity to fit what you have to carry in your office tour. The overall dimension of 14.5” L x 9.1” W x 21.9” H in the carry on luggage with laptop compartment helps you keep it inside the standard overhead compartments of aircraft. 

A convenient choice for all

The luggage is perfect for someone who is always in a hurry, with the 360-degree spinning wheels fitted below. Even if you walk fast with the luggage in a crowded space, the noise-free wheels will make no unwanted sound. With the 3-step telescopic handle, ensure smooth handling and zero finger pinches. It is a convenient choice for those looking for a compact luggage solution for their hectic traveling schedules. 

A safe pick for carrying costly gadgets

The TSA-approved dual locks help you eliminate the worries of luggage safety. You can keep the costly gadgets and laptop in the front compartment. There are no zips or key terminals which could be broken by force. Instead, the new-age design offers a one-click lock on the pouch. It helps you access the laptop in a hurry without unpacking the luggage. You can work on the laptop or tablet on the go and conveniently keep it back inside the padded compartment.

No more damage concerns

The hard-shelled luggage and all-rounder wheels ensure zero shocks on the body. You can drag the luggage with an assurance of abrasion-free movement. The laptop compartment contains additional guards to protect the costly items from possible physical damages. Overall, the luggage serves as a two-in-one combination of a visually appealing exterior and mindfully designed interior. 

Pick the clear winner among the rest!

With such convenient and user-oriented features on the luggage, do you still need a reason not to go for the rolling trolley? The luggage is the ultimate winning choice for everyone who needs to fly with their laptops. Why carry your laptop in your backpacks when you can fit it inside the luggage? Pick the best option and ensure hassle-free traveling! 

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