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How to Choose A Suitable Trolley Case Wheels

How to Choose A Suitable Trolley Case Wheels

Before buying a trolley case, my friends always have doubts about wheels, trolleys, case materials, internal accessories, etc. 

If you want to spend less money to buy the most value-added products, it is important to choose a vision. Then you must thoroughly understand a category and know what you need in order to select the most suitable product for you.

carry on luggage 

So, with the birth of this series of articles.

I hope everyone can take the beloved suitcase and the beloved one, and travel all over the world.

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First introduce the commonly used wheels on the market, in fact, there are three kinds of wheels

 ♦ Directional wheel (2 wheels)

 ♦ Universal wheel (4 wheels)

 ♦ Aircraft wheel (8 wheels)

 Note here that the aircraft wheel is actually an 8-wheel universal wheel

 The following picture above, look in detail


Installation structure

♦ The structure of the directional wheel is simple, the wheel is oriented, generally buried half in the box, and tightly connected to the entire box.

♦ The box of the universal wheel is fixed at the bottom of the box. The wheel is relatively small and the connection is thin. Compared with the box of the two wheels, it is much higher under the same volume.

The above two points can be intuitively felt from the above picture. 


In the case of the same material and the same brand:

Aircraft wheel> Universal wheel> Directional wheel

After all, the number of wheels there is relatively understandable, so I won’t say much about the price.


There are really many materials for wheels. Common ones include plastic, rubber, titanium, and iron. There are many types of plastics, such as nylon, PVC, PP, PC, ABS, TPU, etc.

aluminum luggage

The trolley wheels that are common on the market today are made of plastic, which is more suitable for smooth roads. 

You do not have to delve into which kind of plastic is used, because, in terms of actual use, it really doesn’t make much difference... Unless you will drag a box and walk some rugged mountain roads or the like, it is really good considering the material of the wheel.

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