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Consider Buying Luggage Backpack Set For Weekend Trips

Consider Buying Luggage Backpack Set For Weekend Trips

Do you constantly watch out for an opportunity to fly off during long weekends? Finding the destination to travel to is as crucial as finding the perfect trolley or bag to carry the essentials! Anyone who has to fly often for business trips or likes to go on frequent vacations needs a solution to manage the packing requirements. Why not look for an all-rounder carrier or bag that can fit everything you require on a trip? 

A compact luggage solution

Resolve the worries with the combo luggage backpack set from Level8 and make your weekend trips easy! The combination of carriers and backpacks is always an instant hit among those who like to travel quite often. Why? The ease of taking a trolley to a far-off destination or carrying only the backpack on a weekend road trip is incomparable to any other luggage solution. The matte carry-on trolley of 20-inches is apt for flights and the urban jungle printed backpack is ideal for small trips on the road. If you are a fan of both, the combination set is the best option to buy. 

Quality manufacturing and reliability

A Polycarbonate Hard Shell trolley of dimension 14.6” L x 9.3” W x 21.5” H fits in every flight overhead compartment. The luggage backpack set does not weigh too much as the polycarbonate shell is light but durable. With a combined weight of 10.44 lbs. and 1.9 lbs. both carriers can hold up to 38lt and 20lt! The high-quality manufacturing of the trolley ensures a worry-free traveling experience for you. You can use it for years without any fears of scratches on the matte anti-scratch surface. The aluminum alloy used in the trolley system is the best solution for those who have to go on frequent business trips or holidays for the quality assurance of metal. 

For every holiday mood

Whether you have to go on a quick business trip or a solo hiking tour at the weekend, you can manage both with luggage solutions. Take the trolley when you fly across borders or go for a long weekend holiday. Pick the backpack and awaken the inner adventurer in you to enjoy a trip without any plans! The bags and carriers suit every mood and ease the packing requirements. 

Hassle-free packing for trips

The trolley comes with a large packing volume and overall fabric lining. You can pack as much as you want to. The backpack is also light and easy to carry. The internal cavity is sufficient for holding your clothes, books and gadgets. The mesh pocket divider in the trolley helps in keeping everything neatly inside the trolley. 

Ensure storage safety during long travels

The trolley has a TSA-approved combination lock setup. You can stay carefree while travelling on uneven terrains with the ultra-smooth 360-degree spinning wheels. The trolley and the jungle printed bag make your travel plans convenient by easing the packing requirements. With the most pocket-friendly choices on trolleys and backpacks, you can sort your travel plans without a second thought! Why wait for long? Start planning for the next trip with the best carriers! 

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